BatchLine POS is the only stock management system in the industry to be run solely for the benefit of BA members. It has direct ordering facilities to the UK and Ireland's leading suppliers; a sophisticated GBP–Euro currency convertor; an analysis tool that lets you collate and extract your bookshop data, direct links with NBTs and Dojo, and much more. Subs begin at around £11 a week for a single installation with no upfront costs except the kit. Click on the flyer for more information, then contact us for a chat with a current user or a demo with a BatchLine technician.

“I love using BatchLine. It’s an incredibly user-friendly way of replenishing from sales and its reports are a mine of information. The support team are great, too.” Tom Rowley, Backstory, Balham

* See Gardners price & availability, promo and rights restricted data.
* Search the Gardners website for titles, build a list then send your orders to them from within BatchLine.
* Direct ordering to leading publishers puts you in control of where to source stock.
* Booksellers trading in Euros can take advantage of the currency convertor with label option.
* Organise your stock with auto-categorisation using Thema codes.
* Create your own categories for non-book stock from cards to candles and import those non-book items into inventory.
* Integrate with National Book Tokens via Open Bravo (the till system), and you’ll no longer need to interrupt a sale to visit the NBT website. 
* Complete goods-in by automatic invoice processing, plus scan and auto-check.
* Reward customers with gift and loyalty cards.
* Sign up to the low-cost web exporter + plugin option to export data to a transactional websites.
* Benefit from our links to Edelweiss and Book Scan.
* Make the most of our custom reports or run the analysis tool to see exactly how your bookshop is performing.
* Link your till to a Dojo card reader to eliminate costly keying errors and give customers a seamless experience.
* Backed by the Booksellers Association, pricing is flexible and fair with no onerous contracts.

BatchLine versions

Latest version 5.1: Log on to BatchOne to access the update plus a guide to the Analysis Tool and the GBP–Euro currency convertor.
⇒ Generic installation instructions for all updates

To read about the features of the most recent versions, download the release notes:
BatchLine 4.69 (November 2022) This version introduced a free link to Dojo card readers. 
* BatchLine 5.0 (May 2023) Download a guide to the title search improvements here
* BatchLine 5.1 (March 2024) 

It is your choice whether to use the software with or without a touch screen, and we can advise on a suitable cash drawer, scanner, printer and PC. Our recommended suppliers are Laptops Direct for Lenovo PCs and Barcodes for Business, who have a dedicated BatchLine page. 


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