BatchLine POS is the UK trade’s most popular stock management tool for many reasons: it has direct ordering facilities to leading suppliers, streamlines the goods-in process, helps you to return slow-selling lines, manages your stock and runs your cash management for less than £10 a week for a single installation with no upfront costs except the kit. Click on the flyer for more information, then contact us for a demo with another bookseller or a BatchLine guru.

"BatchLine seems to be getting better and better. It's been amazing some of the stuff you guys have achieved over the last 18 months. Everything works together much more now so I can import the titles into BatchLine and order them while also embedding the catalogue into our Shopify website and then adding the titles. Quite exciting." Matt Taylor, Chepstow Books

— Simple to use till system, Open Bravo, comes as standard.
— Search BDS, the Gardners website and *Nielsen Book Data (*separate subscription required) and create orders within BatchLine.
— Full integration with National Book Tokens means you don't need to pause a transaction to visit the NBT website. (Ask us about the free kit offer for new customers.) 
— Print out itemised till receipts with book and non-book items, and reprint at any time.
— See Gardners price and availability and order electronically for fast delivery.
— Order directly from leading suppliers including Argosy, BookSource, Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan and PRH (including GBS) for a wider choice of where to place your business.
Cost price is displayed and reports can be run to display margins.
— Integration with Batch Payments makes sure you have the invoices before goods arrive and deliveries can be scanned and automatically checked against electronic copies of invoices.
— Everything sold is listed for easy reordering.
— Running in tandem with Batch Returns, returns can be sent and processed automatically.
— Full stock control includes stocktaking, auto-categorisation, non-book stock options and more.
— Reward customers with Gift and Loyalty cards.
— Synchronise stock to e-commerce platforms with our low-cost web exporter.
— Backed by the Booksellers Association, prices start at less than £10 a week with no onerous contracts.

BatchLine versions

Latest version: BatchLine version 5.0 has a fresh, new look and improved navigation; the ability to search and place orders from Gardners Web directly into BatchLine; access to Nielsen Bookdata Online (for Nielsen subscribers); additions to the auto-price update feature, including VAT. Log on to your BatchOne account to access the update plus a full guide to the improved search functions.

⇒ Generic installation instructions for all updates

To read about the features of each new version, download the release notes:
BatchLine 4.22 (September 2020)
BatchLine 4.23 (October 2020)
* BatchLine 4.24 (November 2020)
* BatchLine 4.30 (April 2021)
* BatchLine 4.50 (July 2021)
* BatchLine 4.60 (September 2021)
* BatchLine 4.61 (April 2022) 
* BatchLine 4.65 Cost price version (July 2022)
BatchLine 4.69 (November 2022) Introduced a solution to price differences, the ability to clear up old orders and the option to set reorder from sales to your most recent supplier. This version also enabled shops to benefit from a free link to Dojo card readers. 
* BatchLine 5.0 (May 2023) Download a guide to the title search improvements here

It is your choice whether to use the software with or without a touch screen, and we can advise on a suitable cash drawer, scanner, printer and PC. Our recommended suppliers are Laptops Direct for Lenovo PCs and Barcodes for Business, who have a dedicated BatchLine page. 

User guides


* Find Batch Suppliers' GLNs here
* Info for new bookshops 

* Hire a Koamtac 100 scanner
* Download KTSync Software for your stocktake
— Guide to installing and configuring the software
* Stocktake instructions

Using Open Bravo and BatchLine
* Quick Guide - 1 Title Search and Ordering
* Quick Guide - 2 Creating Returns 
* Quick Guide - 3 Direct Ordering
Quick Guide - 4 The Goods In Process 
* Quick Guide - 5 Web exporter (version 2)
* Quick Guide - 6 National Book Tokens
* Quick Guide - 7 Open Bravo
* Quick Guide - 8 Loyalty and Gift Cards
* Quick Guide - 9 Setting up standard till equipment
* Quick Guide - 10 Auto-categorisation

Web exporter + plugin
* Quick Guide - 5 Web exporter (version 2)
   – Jellybooks plugin v.1.6 (to run the 'Peek Inside' feature)

Got a question? Check out the FAQs or visit our YouTube channel. This is also the place to find the two Skills Lab sessions that we ran at the 2022 BA Conference. You can also find videos by booksellers about aspects of BatchLine on the BA Learning Skills Hub


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