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The Batch team's technical expertise is often called upon to create bespoke software solutions. For example, a major academic book retailer in Norway wanted to reduce its data integration costs when consolidating different businesses. Batch now takes data from all of that retailer's suppliers and manages the feed into their internal systems. Batch handles all changes in data from the company’s suppliers.

Two recent projects have been the ground-breaking Internet Retail Returns Solution (IRRS) that we designed for our international customers. A second service is the Credit Management Initiative.

Batch's Internet Retail Returns Solution (IRRS) software has automated the process of dealing with returns requests from online vendors. Macmillan Distribution (MDL) in the UK were experiencing high costs in dealing with spreadsheets from a major customer and inputting them into their system. They then had to extract the data and re-populate the spreadsheet without changing any formatting. Thanks to IRRS, MDL is now saving well in excess of eight days per month in manual inputting and manipulation.

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The Credit Management Initiative (CMI) is a smart solution that consolidates account details from multiple ledgers so credit controllers can see all a client's information in one place. Thanks to CMI, managers can set goals for individual credit controllers across the different strands of their businesses.

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