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The list shows which publishers and distributors use Batch Payments and which have signed up to the Batch Returns service. As part of the set-up process, we will send you a link so you can enter your account numbers and begin dealing with suppliers via your Batch account.

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BatchLine customers can take advantage of direct ordering to Gardners, Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, PRH GBS and PRH Penguin. Contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be set up.

Key Suppliers on Batch...

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Bookshop Name  
Bookshop SAN  
Supplier EAN/GLN Returns Currency
Analog Sea gGmbH 5056149548199 No EUR, GBP, USD
Argosy Libraries Ltd 5033075491379 No EUR, GBP
Aries Distribution - DEMO ACC 5056149543965 No USD
Batch Ltd - Batchline POS 5056149545822 Yes
Batch Ltd - SUPPLIER 5030670135578 No EUR, GBP, USD
Batch Ltd - supplier H 5030670168156 No EUR, GBP, USD
Batch Ltd- Batchline POS 5056149545822 No EUR, GBP, USD
Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd 5030670113774 Yes
Blackstone Audio Inc. dba Blackston 5056149547321 No USD
Bookpoint Limited 5050085061224 Yes
Books Council of Wales 5013546166593 Yes GBP
Booksellers Association 5030670106561 No EUR, GBP
BookSource 5033075471692 No GBP
Booksource Limited 5030670154579 Yes
Bravo Ltd - Kuperard Publishing 5060387641253 No GBP
British Library - Bibliographic Ser 5030670150502 No EUR, GBP
Cambridge University Press 5013546030636 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Cengage Gale 5030670113941 No EUR, GBP, USD
Cengage Learning EMEA 5030670129188 No EUR, GBP, USD
Central Books Ltd 5033075003855 Yes GBP
Chieftan Distributors - DEMO ACC 5056149543958 No USD
Child's Play (International) Ltd 5060387640348 No EUR, GBP, USD
Combined Book Services 5013546116437 No GBP
Combined Book Services Ltd 5030670148486 Yes
Cornerhouse Publications 5033075039441 No EUR, GBP, USD
Cosmos Distributors - DEMO ACC 5056149543798 No USD
Crown House Publishing Ltd 5030670139279 No EUR, GBP, USD
Elsevier 5050085024595 No EUR, GBP, USD
Encyclopaedia Britannica 5030670143795 No EUR, GBP, USD
Eurospan 5013546152916 No EUR, GBP, USD
Gardners Books Ltd 5013546113245 Yes GBP
Gardners EU SAS 3770023482011 No EUR, GBP, USD
Gardners US 5056149547116 No USD
Gazelle Book Services Ltd 5013546206558 No EUR, GBP, USD
Gill Ltd 5033075040645 No EUR, GBP
Hachette UK Distribution Limited 5030670176090 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Hall Hall Associates 5030670152308 No GBP
HarperCollins Publishers 5056149543873 No USD
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 5050085019195 Yes GBP
ICE Publishing 5030670128341 No EUR, GBP, USD
Independent Publishers Group (IPG) 5056149547314 No USD
Ingram Content Group UK Ltd. 5030670160471 No EUR, GBP, USD
IPS-UK (previously NBNi) 5056149545501 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Irish Book Distribution 5030670163779 No EUR, GBP
Kingsway CLC Trust 5060387641178 No EUR, GBP, USD
Kobo Inc 5030670874200 Yes
Language Books Online Ltd 5030670160679 No GBP
Macmillan Distribution (MDL) 5050085060074 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Macmillan Publishing Services 5056149543897 No USD
Marston Book Services 5050085514577 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Marston Book Services (prev Orca) 5013546076304 Yes
Mayfield Books and Gifts 5030670164677 Yes
McGraw-Hill Education 5013546077509 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Microcosm Publishing 5056149547338 No USD
Microsoft 5056149543675 Yes
MPS - Macmillan Publisher Services 5056149545105 No USD
National Portrait Gallery 5030670103096 Yes
NBN International 5013546051314 Yes
Orca Distribution Ltd. 5013546076304 No GBP
Oxford University Press 5013546025036 Yes EUR, GBP
Pearson Education Ltd 5013546063298 No EUR, GBP, USD
Pen & Sword Books Ltd 5060387640867 Yes
Penguin Random House 5056149543880 No USD
Sage Publications 5013546083760 No GBP
SAGE Publications 5030670154135 Yes
sifriyon 5030670161690 Yes
Springer Nature 5056149543668 No EUR, GBP, USD
Taylor and Francis 5033075092897 Yes EUR, GBP
TBS (Penguin Random House UK) 5050085061545 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
TBS The Book Services Ltd (GBS) 5013546025023 Yes GBP, USD
The History Press 5013546152619 No GBP
The Stationery Office Return Section 5030670167449 Yes
Transworld Publishers 5013546027830 No GBP
Turnaround Publisher Services Limited 5013546106445 Yes GBP
W H Smith Ltd 5030670101948 No EUR, GBP, USD
Wiley & Sons Limited 5013546214133 Yes
Wiley & Sons Ltd 5013546025049 No EUR, GBP, USD
Wolters Kluwer Health 5030670132577 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Worldwide Book Services Ltd 5030670153589 No EUR, GBP, USD


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