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Developed to serve the UK book trade, Batch now helps businesses worldwide to save time on administration so they can concentrate on helping the public to discover great books. The service is completely free to booksellers because it is paid for by leading suppliers.

Whether you manage a single bookshop, supply libraries or run a publishing company, Batch Payments will help your business to trade more efficiently.

Getting started...

  • Save on bank fees by paying all your suppliers with a single monthly payment per currency (GBP, Euros or US dollars).
  • See invoices on the Batch system before deliveries arrive and enjoy advance notification of which books are on their way.
  • Have access to invoices, credits and delivery notes 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
  • Making claims online gives you a permanent record of when claims were made, saving time on the phone.
  • Integrate payments with QuickBooks or Xero and the BA's BatchLine POS, the only stock control system in the industry to be run solely for the benefit of booksellers.
  • Gain suppliers' confidence by using an award-winning service backed by the Booksellers Association of the UK and Ireland.

  • Payments are guaranteed to go straight into your bank account as cleared funds on the last working day of each month.
  • See what payments each of your customers has agreed to make before the due date.
  • We supply a detailed remittance that exactly matches received payments and lists individual invoices so money allocation is not a problem.
  • No bank charges are deducted from overseas bookshop payments: you will be paid whatever the bookshop has authorised.
  • Customers see your invoices on Batch and send queries via the web.
  • Receive claims by email and deal with them at a time that suits you.


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