Click on a supplier's name to see their EAN/GLN, the currencies they deal with and whether or not they use Batch Returns. If you don't yet have a SAN, simply enter 000 in the SAN box.

New customers

The list shows which publishers and distributors use Batch Payments and which have signed up to the Batch Returns service. When you register, we will ask you to send us your account numbers so we can inform those suppliers that you would like to deal with them via your Batch account. Simply insert the name of your bookshop and your SAN (Standard Address Number) next to the relevant suppliers and we will do the rest. Note: if you don't yet have a SAN, put 000 in the SAN box.

Existing customers

Already a Batch customer? It's easy to add suppliers to your account at any time. Enter your details on the online form, pick the suppliers and we will ask them to deal with you electronically in the future. 

Key Suppliers on Batch...

Your Bookshop

Select the suppliers that you would like to notify, then click OK.



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