"Adaptable, reliable, with an easy-to-use interface"

“We used Bertline for 20 years, and have been using BatchLine now since it took up the reins in April 2020. We have 30,000+ books of which about 28,000 are single titles: BatchLine handles our complex requirements wonderfully: adaptable, reliable, with an easy-to-use interface. Support is essential when we are so reliant on a system, and the BatchLine support is utterly superb: knowledgeable, constructive, patient and friendly." John de Falbe, John Sandoe (Books) Ltd


We have continued to develop and improve BatchLine POS since we acquired the Bertline software on behalf of BA members in May 2020. Now there are even more reasons to choose the UK's leading stock management system for your business.

We recruited Martin Beach and a developer from Bertrams to provide system support for booksellers. In addition, we secured the Clickatell SMS service and the valuable Gift and Loyalty Card data, which can now be accessed 24/7 via the Batch website. We have also created a BatchLine User Group on Facebook, where we post updates and where booksellers can share hints about using the system. Our focus now is to work with a number of key booksellers in order to make the service even better for all our customers. One development that has huge potential benefit to booksellers is access to bilbliographical data for affordable, transactional websites.

In March we gave a video presentation to BA members introducing BatchLine. Click on the image to watch it. For more how-to videos, visit the BatchLine for Booksellers channel. 

BatchLine Website Packages

BatchLine POS subscribers can enjoy access to images and bibliographic data for their websites for just £240 + VAT per year. (Without VAT in Eire.) Booksellers can opt to use the data with an existing site or work with our recommended partners, Broadband Cloud Solutions (BCS), to develop a brand-new transactional website. Visit Website Packages for details.

User guides

Please note that some of these are the original Bertline documents and have not yet been updated with BatchLine screens.
Bertline 10 Quick Start Guide
Bertline reports print to file formats
Creating custom catalogue
* Find Batch Suppliers' GLNs here.
* Hire a Koamtac 100 scanner from us
* How to Pay BatchLine invoices
Info for new shops 
Kit listing - essential and optional

All the necessary kit can be purchased from Barcodes for Business.

Subscription charges are raised as an annual invoice for payment via Batch and taken using the existing Direct Debit process. The cost of using BatchLine is based upon the number of computers at your shop and you are not tied in to an annual contract. Click on the poster to find out more. 

BatchLine versions

* Generic installation instructions for all updates
BatchLine 4.22 update (September 2020)
BatchLine 4.23 update (October 2020)
* BatchLine 4.24 (November 2020)
* BatchLine 4.24 Fix for Start-up Errors
* BatchLine 4.30 installation instructions
* BatchLine 4.30 release notes
* NBT on OpenBravo set up guide (for BatchLine 4.30)
* WooCommerce Api and Url set up guide (for BatchLine 4.30)
* BatchLine Web Exporter release notes


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