Customers can interact with Batch using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files instead of using the website. The type of transactions you can use EDI for are:

  • Invoices
  • Credits
  • Remittance
  • Returns requests
  • Returns authorisations
  • Returns confirmations

We use a variety of communication methods to send and receive these files. In all cases we prefer to use services that do not incur charges. We use FTPS (File Transfer Protocol Secure), which incurs no charge.

Please note: EDI feeds are available only to customers who use the Batch Payments service to pay their suppliers' invoices.

File formats

Our preferred file formats adhere to the standards from BIC but we offer simpler text file formats for those users who are unable to meet those requirements.


This format is used for invoices, credits and remittance advice/statements. Details of the specific codes and versions used are available upon request.


We use EDIFACT mainly for the returns messages but we do send out invoices in EDIFACT and can accept them as well. You can find out more about EDIFACT here.


We also implement EDItX invoices from EDItEUR and could deal with all other message types.You can find out more about the application of EDItX in the book trade here.


We can deal in all messages in and out of the system.


A Batch mailbox is our preferred method of communication and we will provide the address and connection details. A mailbox offers us the most information regarding the logging of information on each connection. It also makes it easy for us to see when files have been collected and to investigate any problems that may occur, as well as providing the fastest processing: files are processed within seconds of being received. 

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and the electronic trading platform AS-2 can both be used through Batch.

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