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Suppliers Who Use Batch

The list below shows which publishers and distributors use Batch and Batch Returns. If you have an account with any of these suppliers but they do not appear on your statement, complete the online form and we will ask them to invoice you electronically.

Please use our online form to tell us which of these suppliers you would like to pay electronically through Batch.

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Bookshop Name  
Bookshop SAN  
Supplier EAN/GLN Returns Currency
5m Publishing 5030670173204 No EUR, GBP, USD
ABE-IPS sp. z o.o. 5030670168996 No EUR, GBP, USD
Advance Materials 5030670164462 No EUR, GBP, USD
Argosy Libraries Ltd 5033075491379 No EUR, GBP
Assoc Learned & Prof Soc Pub 5030670150526 No EUR, GBP, USD
Batch Ltd - SUPPLIER 5030670135578 No EUR, GBP, USD
Batch Ltd - supplier H 5030670168156 No EUR, GBP, USD
BBC WORLDWIDE (DADC) 2E 5060387642199 Yes
BCS Learning and Development 5030670155415 No EUR, GBP, USD
Berghahn Books 5030670165575 No EUR, GBP, USD
Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd 5030670113774 Yes
Bertrams 5013546027034 Yes GBP
Beyond Words (BYW) 5030670169078 No EUR, GBP, USD
Biohealthcare Publishing Oxford 5030670163465 No EUR, GBP, USD
Book Partnership, The 5030670160723 No GBP
Bookpoint Limited 5050085061224 Yes GBP
Booksellers Association 5030670106561 No EUR, GBP
BookSource 5033075471692 No GBP
Booksource Limited 5030670154579 Yes
Bravo Ltd - Kuperard Publishing 5060387641253 No GBP
BRILL 5030670150533 No EUR, GBP, USD
British Library - Bibliographic Ser 5030670150502 No EUR, GBP
British Library - Publishing Office 5033075041123 No EUR, GBP
Cambridge University Press 5013546030636 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Cengage Gale 5030670113941 No EUR, GBP, USD
Cengage Learning EMEA 5030670129188 No EUR, GBP, USD
Central Books Ltd 5033075003855 Yes GBP
CLC International (UK) 5060387641178 No EUR, GBP, USD
Combined Book Services 5013546116437 No GBP
Combined Book Services Ltd 5030670148486 Yes
Commonwealth Secretariat 5030670168200 No EUR, GBP, USD
Cornerhouse Publications 5033075039441 No EUR, GBP, USD
Curll Press 5030670168750 No EUR, GBP, USD
DBD (SONY DADC) DD 5060387641772 Yes
Dovecote Press Ltd,The 5060387640553 No EUR, GBP, USD
Edizioni Minerva Medica S.p.A 5030670170715 No EUR, GBP, USD
Electric Word Group 5033075379271 No EUR, GBP, USD
Elsevier 5050085024595 No EUR, GBP, USD
Emerald Group Publishing Ltd 5030670157389 No EUR, GBP, USD
Encyclopaedia Britannica 5030670143795 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Eurospan 5013546152916 No EUR, GBP, USD
Fiscal Publications 5030670170210 No EUR, GBP, USD
Gardners Books Ltd 5013546113245 Yes GBP
Gazelle Book Services Ltd 5060387641628 No EUR, GBP, USD
GBS (Grantham Book Services Ltd) 5030670092499 No GBP
Gerlach Press 5030670170111 No EUR, GBP, USD
Get Through Guides 5030670167012 No EUR, GBP, USD
Gill Ltd 5033075040645 No EUR, GBP
Greenleaf Publishing (GLP) 5030670169658 No EUR, GBP, USD
Hall Hall Associates 5030670152308 No GBP
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 5050085019195 Yes GBP
Hes & De Graaf Publishers BV 5030670162390 No GBP
Human Kinetics Europe Ltd 5033075340271 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
ICE Publishing 5030670128341 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
ILM Publications 5030670167418 No EUR, GBP, USD
Irish Book Distribution 5030670163779 No EUR, GBP
IWA Publishing 5030670172689 No EUR, GBP, USD
J H Haynes & Co Ltd 5030670137800 Yes
John Harper Publishing 5030670150595 No EUR, GBP, USD
Kluwer Law International 5030670150601 No EUR, GBP
Kobo Inc 5030670874200 Yes
Language Books Online Ltd 5030670160679 No GBP
Lion Hudson PLC 5050085518452 No GBP, USD
Littlehampton Book Services Ltd 5050085010932 Yes GBP
Liverpool University Press 5030670167944 No EUR, GBP, USD
Macmillan Distribution (MDL) 5050085060074 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Marston Book Services 5050085514577 No GBP
Mayfield Books and Gifts 5030670164677 Yes
McGraw-Hill Education 5013546077509 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Modern Humanities Research Associat 5030670166435 No EUR, GBP, USD
NBN International 5013546051314 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
New Economics Foundation 5030670170951 No EUR, GBP, USD
OECD 5030670150625 No EUR, GBP, USD
Orca Distribution Ltd. 5013546076304 No GBP
Oxford University Press 5013546025036 Yes EUR, GBP
Paths International Ltd 5030670170371 No EUR, GBP, USD
Pearson Central Europe Sp. z o.o 5030670160686 No EUR, GBP
Pearson Education Ltd 5013546063298 No EUR, GBP, USD
Pen & Sword Books Ltd 5060387640867 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Penguin Random House UK 5050085061545 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Pickering & Chatto (Pub) Ltd 5030670150632 No EUR, GBP, USD
Pion Ltd 5030670150649 No EUR, GBP, USD
Plaister Press 5030670165094 No GBP
Red Squirrel Publishing 5030670166886 Yes
Redemptorist Publications 5030670123872 Yes
Robert Hale Ltd 5030670134380 No GBP
Robertson Collection Ltd 5060387640577 No EUR, GBP, USD
Royal College of Psychiatrists 5030670158331 No EUR, GBP, USD
Sage Publications 5013546083760 No GBP
SAGE Publications 5030670154135 Yes
Samuel French Ltd 5030670074327 No EUR, GBP, USD
Sen Press Ltd 5030670170920 No EUR, GBP, USD
Taylor and Francis 5033075092897 Yes GBP
TBS Ltd 5013546025023 Yes GBP, USD
teNeues Publishing 5030670145607 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
The History Press 5013546152619 No GBP
The Stationery Office Return Section 5030670167449 Yes
Transworld Publishers 5013546027830 No GBP
Turnaround Publisher Services Limited 5013546106445 Yes GBP
Turpin Distribution Services Ltd 5013546134158 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
W H Smith Ltd 5030670101948 No EUR, GBP, USD
Wiley & Sons Limited 5013546214133 Yes
Wiley & Sons Ltd 5013546025049 No EUR, GBP, USD
Wolters Kluwer Health 5030670132577 Yes EUR, GBP, USD
Worldwide Book Services Ltd 5030670153589 No EUR, GBP, USD
Wrightson Biomedical Pub Ltd 5030670150670 No EUR, GBP, USD