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Savings Calculator

At Batch, we tell you all the time that using our services will save you time and money, but now there’s no need just to take our word for it! By using an interactive Savings Calculator, you can see exactly what those savings could be for your business, whether you are a bookseller, a publisher or other supplier.

Enter the number of items you create per month, and the calculator will show you what your potential annual savings could be. You can alter both the number of items and the price you pay to get an accurate result.

Getting started

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We can work in other currencies, if there is sufficient demand – let us know what you need.

Money, money, money

The figures that we have used for the cost of raising an invoice, dealing with delivery problems, etc., are based on an EU Expert Group report (2009) into the advantages of trading online. Studies have shown that e-invoicing would save European businesses about €64.5 billion a year. The full report can be accessed here.

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