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Batch Returns

Batch Returns is an easy-to-use web interface that was developed to streamline the returns process. Instead of waiting for a publisher’s rep to authorise returns, booksellers can now send a list electronically from the Batch Returns website and get an answer within a few hours. Once you have authorisation, print out a bar-coded label and send back the books. The service is used by more than 900 bookshops whose managers are saving substantial amounts of time and money using the system, which conforms to the Book Industry Communication (BIC) standard.

Free training and customer support is provided by the Batch team.

The benefits of Batch Returns are:

  • The system is easy to use and allows booksellers and suppliers to see all requests online and respond using the internet.
  • Standardisation allows customers to use a single method for their returns, so there is no need to establish costly individual electronic relationships.
  • There is a low entry cost for suppliers, who can deal with all requests over a secure internet connection.
  • The system provides scaleability using EDI and other message formats.
  • Having a single point of entry for all return requests means that suppliers can make substantial savings.
  • The clear labelling provided by the system means that returns can quickly be identified as they come into the distribution centre.
  • Sales forces no longer need to spend time dealing with returns.
  • Download our step-by-step guide 'How to Use Batch Returns' here.

Booksellers and suppliers can log in or register now.

SCEA 2016We have received BIC accreditation for the sixth year running for helping to cut waste in the supply chain.