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What users say about Batch

"Instead of doing 15 or more separate payments I make one which saves me over £150 every month. It enables me to pay small amounts without extra costs. Both I and the supplier know exactly which invoices I paid and which credit notes I took into account; no more time wasted giving credit control the answer; obviously it also saves credit control time and telephone calls. I can then use this saved money and time to invest in buying other books, which obviously is good for the publishers. My accountant loves it."

Tony Láng, Bestsellers, Budapest, Hungary

“Batch provides a solution visible to us both to keep track of all open items, identify and resolve any issues that may arise immediately, be accurate, up to date, and efficient; most importantly it is mutually beneficial for us as suppliers and yourselves as our valued customers.”

Mark Labrum, Credit Manager, John Wiley & Sons Ltd

“I find Batch is very important for us and our customers. It provides a seamless service from the point of view of financial information and ease of payment, and ultimately helps us all to trade more efficiently.”

Paul Hodgkins, Credit Manager, Oxford University Press

“Batch is invaluable, quick, cheap and convenient. Batch Returns has transformed that side of the business. Anything that has speeded up the process of returns has been very welcome.”

Jessica Graham, Primrose Hill Books

“We have been using Batch Payments for years and now that we’re using Batch Returns as well it’s hard to know how we managed without it. Batch Returns is brilliant: it saves us an enormous amount of time and it’s great from an environmental point of view. It’s so efficient and it cuts down on the frustration involved in the communication flow.”

Jacqui Gadd, Marylebone Books

“It makes it easier to make payments and be sure what is paid. It is easier to get copies of invoices and credits. It saves money for bank transfers.”

Susanne Bendixen, Accountant for Academic Books, Copenhagen, Denmark

“We find it immensely helpful to pay multiple suppliers by one bank transfer, and to be able to look at details of invoices when necessary.”

William D. Jeans, Al Manahil, Muscat, Oman

“As we have usually to pay bank charges for every bank transfer we minimise our costs in this sector through Batch . . . Furthermore you can pre-estimate what you have to pay in a few months because all invoices are shown right after they have been created.”

Marie-Christin Guzy, Massmann Internationale Buchhandlung GmbH, Hamburg, Germany

"Rado & Rado is a small book trade company with few staff only and thus needs to economise with its time and resources. This is why we find the services of so valuable, because it not only saves us a lot of banking costs but also keeps for us records of our transactions with suppliers updated and available at any time. This is why we wish that includes more suppliers in their operation."

Ms Davorka Zmijaravic, Rado & Rado, Zagreb, Croatia

"Consolidación de pagos gratis a Reino Unido en Libras Esterlinas o Euros. Con el Sistema Batch, pague todas las facturas de Editores Ingleses con una sola transferencia mensual. Sin ningún coste añadido.’

Cristina Benavides Agúndez, Librería lex nova, Madrid, Spain

“We recommend the Batch payment facility to any European business selling English language books. We have saved money and time with setting up monthly bank transfer payments and we find the online invoice facility very easy and useful to manage. Use Batch along with PubEasy and ordering and payments become simpler to manage.”

Karina Horitz, Kultura 2008 Muveszeti Nonprofit Kft Szépművészeti Museum, Budapest, Hungary

“Ever since we came across the Batch payment system a few years ago, we have been avid users and wholehearted advocates. It is a terrific tool for keeping track of our transactions, and a great way to avoid paying unnecessary bank charges. What little help we need always comes prompt and effective!”

Drs Christiaan L. van Minnen, Index Books, Leiden, The Netherlands

“Batch makes life so much easier for overseas booksellers like Nibondh & Co., Ltd in Thailand. With the soaring costs of bank charges, making one payment through Batch saves us a lot of money and their service is great, very responsive and prompt.”

Visnu Kongsiri, Nibondh, Thailand

"We have been using Batch for one year now and it has made things a lot easier and our bookkeeper happier. The interface is easy to use and the service given by the Batch staff is great. The overview we now have saves us a great deal of time. No more searching for missing invoices or spending time looking through statements and making separate payment authorisations. We’re very happy Batch was recommended to us."

Irene Kosten, Boekhandel van Rossum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Batch is as right and necessary for those who are organised, as much it is for those who lack organisation."

Hani Kreidieh, Dar Kreidieh, Beirut, Lebanon