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Helping on the high street

The last few years have been challenging for everyone in the book trade. There has been spectacular growth in the e-book market, and bricks-and-mortar booksellers have come under tremendous pressure from the internet and the chains. All of these things have put the membership of the BA under pressure. So how can Batch help high street booksellers to beat the odds?

Q How can you help me become more efficient?

By allowing you to spend more time selling books rather than matching invoices and sorting out queries with suppliers over the phone.

Q How will Batch save me time and money?

Making one single monthly payment for all your suppliers will save you postage costs and cut down on paper. You can call an end to writing cheques and forget postal strikes! Whether you trade in GBP, Euros or Dollars, you can see exactly how much your business could save by using the Savings Calculator.

Q Won’t I lose to control of my business?

Absolutely not. You decide how much to pay which supplier each month and we take care of the rest. Batch gives you access to all your essential business information 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Q What will happen to my records?

You will be able to see all your invoices on the Batch system before deliveries arrive, giving you advance notice of which books are on their way. The system gives you access to all your invoices online and copies can be printed out as needed.

Q How reliable is the online system?

Errors inevitably crop up in paper transactions and lead to poor audit trails. Doing business electronically gives booksellers and suppliers a permanent record of all communications. What’s more, because Batch is wholly owned by the BA, it is trusted across the industry.

Q What about returns and claims?

Batch Returns is a dedicated service through which booksellers can submit online return requests and get authorisation within hours. Making claims through the payments system is fast and efficient. We are proud to have received BIC Supply Chain Excellence accreditation again for 2016.

Q What is something goes wrong with an order?

One of the most useful features of the Batch payments system is that you can make claims online that go directly to the supplier in seconds. Select the reason for the claim from a list and – with the click of a mouse – you will have a permanent record of what claims were made and when.

Q I’m still not sure that Batch is right for me. How can I get more information?

If you don't find what you need on the website, email us on and we’ll be happy to help.