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Batch Service Announcements


BatchLine New Year Daily Update

When the clocks roll over on the 31st December and Batchline is started for the first time the Daily Update process will start as normal. On the 1st of the year or for the first start up of the year the Daily Update updates not only the previous days' data but the entire year. This may result in a quite a long start up procedure. Therefore please be patient with start-up and wait for completion. In a worst case scenario and start-up does not complete successfully you may need to use the Bertline Support Module (BSM) usually on the desktop to unlock the update (if you cannot find it search for BSM). Open the BSM, click on the first tab, Unlock Modules and click on Daily Update. A message in red will appear stating Daily Update Unlocked. You can now start Batchline normally.

Marston and Orca Returns

We're delighted to announce that, from 1 December, booksellers will be able to handle returns to Marston and Orca Book Services via Batch Returns. We hope this will of particular benefit to the Christian book trade.